Not posted any thing for a while as I have been rather busy with life and repairing an old MG that I use on my painting trips.  I have also been very busy in the studio completing and framing twenty or so paintings from recent months.  A gallery in Cambridge has started talking my work and they would like more in the New Year. That gave me a good reason  to get them all completed.  A gallery in Northamptonshire also wants some, but plan to hold fire on those.  Exciting times!

Just to show that I do get about I have posted a couple of photos below from opposite ends of the country. They are not recent.  The first is from Orford in Suffolk, a great place for painting, and the second from the Welsh hills.  Although mountain scenery is dramatic it does not often inspire me to paint.  Not sure why, may be it is a rather intimidating compared to the intimate and gentle landscapes I normally turn to.


The painting  below sold after some tidying up and the addition of more sheep.



My plan in the New Year is to paint more townscapes and other more challenging subjects.  Thanks to may hours of life drawing I feel up for the challenge.




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