Went out to Aldreth out in the Fens recently. Interesting and pretty remote  but previously I have never got the feel of the place.  I really got into it this time.  Completed a painting in the morning, then another late afternoon.  The rest of the day I spent sketching. I am aiming to have enough information for a larger exhibition piece.  Pleased that have got a better handle on the tones this time compared to previous efforts.



I have been reading an excellent book by   ISBN-13: 978-0289279298      John Oconnor  -Landscape painting.

Like many older art technique books this is not an easy read but loads to think about.  Work looking at just to appreciate the limitations of traditional perspective for picture making.  When I was sketching at today I really started to get it  – but a long way to go!

A nerdy questions for other artists  – I prefer the softer hue of  chromium yellow (Hue) rather than cadmium yellow that I find just too strong for a gentle  landscape. Anyone else agree?

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