Another day off work today so more time for painting. Decided to go up to Castor Hanglands, a nature reserve south of Stamford. The Hanglands is a mix of old woods and heathlands that has associations with John Clare, the Peasant Poet.  Very cold morning, -5 deg C when I got out the car, so wrapped up warm.  Managed to get two paintings done before my toes froze.  When I started the first one there was still lots of frost on the ground, so stuck to cooler colours , but picked up the warmth as the sun hit some of the trees.  All in all pleased with the result and sure it can be worked up in to a good picture for framing. I have included a photo of the painting  when I was about half an hour in and having a coffee.

Castor Number  OneCastor Close UP

By the time I started the second one the low sun was behind me and warming up the colour of the bushes and grass, so really pushed the warm oranges and reds into the painting.  Again pleased with the result, particularly as a contrast to the first one.  On both these paintings I limited myself to 5 colours only plus white.  I am always how limited the colours are in the photos when compared to what I see when I am there. I do push the colours a little but not as much as might be inferred from comparing the photos with the paintings.

Castor Number  Two

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