My excuse for not posting for a while is that, as well as getting out painting I have been organising exhibitions for the coming months.

Went down to St Neots one recent Saturday morning, somewhere I had never considered painting before.  The red brick in the painting looks very strong!


Another place I tried was Bite Baits Lock just north of Cambridge. Somewhere I will return to when the light is more interesting.  A hot day with a blue sky is not my favourite, but I think I captured the heat even if the colours are not true.

BB Lock2

The last one in this post is from out at Upware.  Very quiet, but the local pub is called the Five Miles from Anywhere, which should have been a clue.  This trip was as much about investigating locations for when the floods arrive than coming back with a painting.  Maybe that was why I was able to rapidly get the essentials down in less than an hour.  I will use this and some sketches to create a larger studio painting.  You can see that I try to keep to only 5 colours plus white on any particular painting.


Next month I have a solo exhibition at Octavia View in Wisbech, and in November one at the Q Gallery in Sudbury.   Next year the solo exhibitions planned so far are in Bungay, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.  More details to follow.




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