First really cold day of the winter yesterday, with frost on the ground all day in some places. Forced myself away from the warm fire to catch the late afternoon glow as the sun starts to set.  The painting umbrella was essential to keep the glare of the low winter sun off the painting and palette.  Quite excited by the result which I think can be pulled together in to a good painting. As mentioned in previous post I have decided to try to keep ultramarine blue, an essential blue for most occasions, as more of a purple for warmer days.  This means I mixed greens with combination of various yellows and oranges with Blue/Black – as per Seago  . Excited by the unity/atmosphere this gives.  I made more of some water laying at the edge of the field that was really there;can’t wait until the River Ouse really does flood.  The main problem was my feet getting very cold, despite four pairs of socks, which limited the session to just over an hour. Looks like I might have spend some money on new boots or write a letter to Santa.

Freezing in Holywell

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  1. Peter Barker on 7 December 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Nice job Richard. Re – your freezing feet, I can thoroughly recommend ‘Muck Boots’, available from The ‘Chore Hi – Moss, or Black’, or ‘Muckmaster – Moss’ are the best. My feet have never got cold, even standing in snow for three hours! Pricey at £75 – £80, but worth every penny!

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