Now we are on the run-up to the shortest day I have been trying to make the best of the daylight. It does mean painting in pretty gloomy conditions.  There are advanges; less problems chasing shadows as the sun moves, and also easier to judge colours without the glare of the sun.  I have posted a couple of recent examples.  One of a view near Woodwalton where I attempted to catch the misty, murky day.  Pleased with the result, just need to tidy up the skyline a little, and push the central tree back into the distance.  Ultramarine blue is an indispensable colour but when doing painting like this it really has to be cooled down, and that what I focussed on.IMG_2284comp

The other posting is a woodland setting which, in its un-finished state, as too much red in it, but I am confident I can make this into something with a bit of work.  It is better to aim to bright first of  all rather than produce mud.

IMG_2270comp Over the next few weeks I am going to be painting the River Welland in the centre of Stamford.  The combination of the stone buildings, river and figures look an exciting challenge.

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