Not posted anything for a while; getting out painting always takes priority.  I am not a fan of that all over blue light during the hot summer, but it did mean long evenings with that special golden light as the sun sinks.   Autumn is my favorite time for painting, especially when the Rivers and Fens flood.  I have been evaluating my paintings, and my approach, comparing them with artists I admire, past and present.  I can see things I would do differently, in particular with compositions and brush strokes.  It will be a while until changes are apparent, but I am really motivated to push on.  I was up at 5am this morning to paint the dawn as the weather man correctly predicted rain at 9am!  I will post the image soon.

I have invested in a French Box Easel as an alternative to my current plein-air painting set up.  The main reason being that it will allow me to paint a wider and larger range of paintings on location.  It is pretty heavy when fully loaded with paints so might be a challenge to run fast when cows chase me, which in not unknown.
I have has some paintings selected for a regional show East Anglian Landscapes  in Bury St Edmund’s. It is a large show so it will be interesting to see how it is hung, but it is excellent to have another professionally run Open exhibition in the area.

Below are some selected images from recent months – all painting I have fond memories of battling with.

BranksomePike and EelNear Eastcote


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