I used the Bank Holiday to get up early and do some more painting at Woodwalton Fen  – I was even there before the bird watchers. Happy with the results.  I really needed my painting umbrella to stop glare.



I always start by blocking in with bright colours – darks first

Dawn at Woodwalton

This is how bad the glare can be when the sun is low!

  When you look at the following images you will see how I move things around to try and make a satisfying picture.  One advanatage over photography, and something I am getting more confident in doing.

For this series of paintings I am used textured boards which are really wearing my brushes out.  The texture helps stop the colours going muddy, but I think I over did these.




Taking a coffee break after one hour – well deserved


I love the subtle colours on this one ( if I say so myself)

I will leave all these painting to dry and then pick them up and tidy them up,were needed before framing.  Less than half ever make it to completion.


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