Recently I have been guilty of using brushes that are well past their best and I think this has made my paint handling rather sloppy.  I decided to try some handmade brushes from  Rosemary and Co   which came highly recommended. Even so I was surprised.  I ordered some of their lowest price oil brushes ( those that know me will not be surprised!). They were firm and springy, but not as firm as hog, with a clean sharp edge.  The handles were shorter that I expected but this has advantages when working fast outside.  I would pay the extra for longer handles for studio work.  We will see how these brushes last with hard use; I am doing at least a painting a day at the moment. As I think you can see below it has made me work with  a very “square brush” technique which I enjoy when working quickly.  This painting took just over hour although I will do some more work on it back home.  Looking at the photo I notice that my painting is much cooler than the landscape.  This is partly because the light had changed but I need to think about working more warm colours in when I next go out.




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