Long time since last post  – not stopped painting but “stuff” gets in the way of  the blog and painitng outside.  Working from home due to Covid-19 and spending 10 hours at the computer  is not conducive to wanting to spend more time at a screen.  Anyway getting out a bit more now and enjoying the experience. Doing lost of quick sketches concentating on tones,  and enjoying overcast early mornings before the hot sun arrives.  I was waving my brushes around near a farm near Woodwalton and the farmer pulled up. I feared the worst  – but actually he asked  if I was prepared to do some paintings for him on parts of his farm that were not accessble to the public. That is a good aspect of painting on location. Woodwalton

One of the challenges are the flies and bugs that are attracted to wet paint. The trick is not to try and remove them, but to wait for the paint to dry when they can easily be flicked off.

Woodwalton plus flies

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