I took a couple of days off work the other week to pretend to be a proper full-time painter.  Spent some time on the River Nene at Oundle, which has a completely different atmosphere than the River Great Ouse that I am more used to.  One of the better “starts” is shown below.  In most of them the tones are rather heavy, particularly where the trees meet the sky.  The skies are generally too dark.  I have been using more viridian and pthalo blues to get more varied greens, but I notice in the photos that the results are rather acidic.  All that said they are responding well to some treatment back in the studio.


After painting for a day I visited the antique cast collection at Classics Faculty in the University of Cambridge – http://www.classics.cam.ac.uk/museum/collections/cast-collection .  Spent a few hours drawing  to get back in to life drawing after a few months break.  It is not the same as  a live model, but the casts can hold the same pose for hours, and that is what I need at the moment.  I plan to go back at least once a month.

Thanks all of you who have been responding to my posts  – very much appreciated!

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