Last Sunday spend a day in Wells-Next-Sea on the Norfolk Coast in the company of two watercolourists.  Enjoyable day and came back with loads of sketches and paintings to work up into larger paintings over the winter.  I got there at 7 just as the sun was coming up and blocked the first one in,see below, before breakfast.   I progressed further with the next one, for which I had an audience talking photos.  I don’t mind, and some people ask some interesting questions, but others talk as though you are deaf.  Looking at it now the roof lines need sorting out, as does the foreground. Most pleased with the final one of some beach huts which I think I pulled off without making them too “chocolate boxey” but I will post that image when I have  a photo of it  – too dark for cameras by the time I had finished.

Wells early morningWells

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