I recently took a week away to paint on the Isle of Skye – very different to Cambridgeshire.  Obviously there are more mountains but there is also more water and more midges. I went well prepared and had a great time. It took time to get used to judging the height of hills and getting mountains to look solid whilst also distant.


I spent a fair amount of time sketching rather than painting, and then using them for oils studies back “at base”  when “Storm Hector” kept me in for a day. A couple of examples below.

I came home with about a dozen almost completed paintings, but more importantly lots of material that will keep me busy for a while.

I have already booked to go back next year, this time in October.  That might mean more rain, but also more colours apart from the sometimes very dominant green. Since returning I have still found painting in Cambridgeshire intriguing.  I once heard a quote from someone from round here  ” the trouble with mountains is that they get in the way of the view”.



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