A few weeks ago when it was REALLY hot I spent a few days in Charnwood Forest between Leicester and Loughborough.  I wanted to sketch some of the rock formations but I also managed to do some painting.  With the bright blue sky it looks like Texas  – and even the  cows have horns.

Beacon Hill , CharnwoodCarnwood Forest Cows

I tried a new colour palette  –  just warm and cool of each primary plus white as used by Emile Gruppe.  Not sure how suitable it will be for dull days in East
Anglia but did force me to think more about color temperatures.  See http://www.classicrealism.com/Studio%20Tips/Palette%20Considerations/Emile%20Gruppe%27s%20Palette.html

I will be updating my website soon with about 40 new painting.

Thanks to all of you that came along to my recent exhibition in Houghton. It was great to meet you all, especially  other artists.

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